Benefits of Honey

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For this week’s post, I asked Dana if she would talk to you about some of the benefits of honey.  She was very enthusiastic to share her knowledge with you.

“I’ve got an easy assignment this week because honey is one of the most healing foods in the world!  First, I should preface that these benefits are greatest when high quality RAW honey is consumed.  Pasteurized honey does not have as many health benefits as it has been boiled and therefore loses nutrients. Make sure to check you label to look for RAW, honey.  Whole Foods, as well as your local farmer’s market will have quite a few great options.

Raw honey is antibacterial, antiviral and anti-fungal.  It can be used topically for minor cuts, scrapes and burns.  It can also help reduce swelling, minimize scarring and promote faster healing…just thoroughly wash off the minor wound with soap and water, dab on a bit of raw honey and cover with a bandage.

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I believe honey’s greatest and most interesting benefit is that it may help fight seasonal allergies.  To explain this theory, when bees eat the nectar of a flower, they ingest the pollen spores that so many of us are allergic to.  By eating local honey in small amounts daily for at least a 2 month period, your body may become used to the presence of the allergens and become immune…like what happens when you take a vaccine.  (Note: make sure that you consume honey local to your region to reap the benefits!)

Daily consumption of honey will also boost your level of antioxidants which may help prevent heart disease and keep cancer-causing free radicals at bay.  Yay!

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Possible allergy immunity, lower risk of disease and an antibacterial in one tasty package.  Honey is a no brainer!  I add honey to my coffee, yogurt…and of course, toast!  It’s also a great sugar substitute in baking.  If you’d like another Sunday Supper recipe using honey, please click here.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Honey contains bacteria than can cause infant botulism, this is why doctors forbid honey for infants under the age of one.”

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Disclaimer – Please note: the information presented is not intended as a diagnosis, treatment or prevention of any disease.  Please consult your physician if you are having any medical problems.






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