Remembering Jack on Father’s Day – Community Supper Groups

As many of you know, we lost our beloved Jack unexpectedly last month.  Jack and I shared many Sunday Suppers together, sometimes circumstances were such that it was just the two of us.

I’d cook, and he’d come over to the house and pretty soon he’d be telling his stories…he was such an enthusiastic story teller.   I so wish that I had written everything down, or better yet, taped it.  But as storytellers do, he told his stories on more than one occasion, so I’ve remembered them.  I think that this is the year that I should share them with you.  Oh yes, and the recipes too!  Like so many of our stories they were told around/about food.

I thought that I’d give you a peek into what a great guy his was by quoting something written about him a few years ago when he received the Jefferson Award for service to the community.


“He hasn’t thrown a record breaking touchdown, hasn’t broken any home run records, and he’s never been on the evening news for a heroic act of bravery.  He is a modest man, retired, married with two sons and a granddaughter that is the apple of his eye.

If you asked Jack Kauck what makes him a hero, he’ll deny the he is one, but talk to thousands of people Jack has helped over the last 10 years…you will be asked, who is Jack?

Ten years ago this month, Jack Kauck read an article about a wheelchair repair/loan program that had been started by Easter Seals Southwestern Ohio.  Jack’s mother had benefited from the use of a wheelchair to stay independent despite her Rheumatoid Arthritis, and this was a perfect opportunity for Jack to help other people keep their independence.  He joined the founding team of 5 gentlemen and never looked back.  Over the years, Jack has helped provide independence to thousands of people with disabilities, that could not afford medical equipment due to low income and lack of insurance.”

That was our Jack…modest and always helpful.  Loved by his family, friends and his community.

Community was important to Jack.  One of his favorite activities was to go to the Second Sunday Supper Club.  Everyone brought a dish and gathered at the local civic center to share their meal and connect with each other.  I’ve often thought that it was a wonderful way to bring folks together. The world is becoming a more distant place and sometimes it’s hard to feel part of the whole.  I think that community supper groups are a perfect way to get in touch with your neighbors by bonding over Sunday supper.

If there is a supper group established within your community you might want to think about joining.  If your area does not have anything like this, maybe you could start one.  The Sunday Supper Club was so important to Jack,  maybe it will become important to you as well.

I’m so glad that we cherished last Father’s Day with him,  we didn’t realize that it would be our last.


3 Responses to “Remembering Jack on Father’s Day – Community Supper Groups”

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    Laura Reese — Sunday, June 17, 2012 @ 10:37 am

    What a beautiful testament to Jack! Our thoughts and prayers are with you all today.

  2. 2

    Susan Pfund — Monday, June 18, 2012 @ 2:06 pm

    Our family lost our beloved father this past February. He was a wonderful man and father to 9 children, 35 grandchildren and 9 great grandchildren. Although he wasn’t with us yesterday, we remembered him as we always did and thank him for the wonderful life he shared with us all. Although he’s gone, may the joy of having Jack as a part of your life remain with you always.

  3. 3

    Carol Sacks — Monday, June 18, 2012 @ 11:08 pm

    Thinking of you and yours, Susie. Such a heartfelt post about your special Jack.

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