My Paris Valentine to You – Love Locks

No one knows exactly how it started…an Italian novel, a beautiful vow…but in cities around the world, couples have been buying locks, pledging their love, and throwing away the key for many years.  In Paris, there are two bridges that are groaning with these symbols of undying devotion.  One is Pont des Arts and the other is Pont de l’Archveche.

Imagine strolling along the Seine at sunset with your beloved.  You are holding hands and something else. You both start to cross the bridge but stop, walk to the rail and in an instant you lovingly wrap your bond around this bridge where lovers have tread for centuries. On this bridge you pledge your love…you clamp down hard and seal your fate.  You pronounce your undying love and nothing will come between you unless the key is dredged up from the depths of the Seine to unlock your commitment.

OK…Paris makes me a bit melodramatic….but you get the idea.  A romantic idea.  Especially on this day dedicated to love.

I’ll be going back in a few weeks….I think this time I’m going to bring a lock with me!

Happy Valentine’s Day!


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