Cooking with Love

When I saw this funny, vintage, Valentine card, I just had to buy it.  In a kitschy way,  it represents what’s dear to my heart… cooking with love.

What’s my definition of cooking with love?  Well, I think that it’s cooking with care and intention…really thinking about what you are doing, who you are doing it for and adding extra care and effort.   I cook for my family and friends,  and with every twirl of the whisk and chop of the knife, I  imagine them enjoying the dishes that I prepare.  I think of cooking as my gift to them.

On Sunday, I always try to make something extra special, that maybe I didn’t have time to make during the week.  As we sit around the table and I see all of the smiling faces, hear the laughter and good conversation, I feel the love coming right back at me.


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