Life’s a Beach – Observations on the New Year

This past week while we were away,  I’d wake up each morning and rush to the beach,  eager to discover what the sea had tossed onto the shore while I was sleeping.  I knew that it wouldn’t be what was there yesterday, and it wouldn’t be what would be there the next.  Just like the new year,  it would be a surprise and it would change daily.

I always stop to collect what the sea has given up.  One day it might be scallop shells… the pretty, flashy ones that line up like chorus girls vying for attention.  Another day, I’m drawn to the ones that are a mellow with age and experience, like octogenarians whose well-lived lives make them interesting…their beauty is in their laugh lines and wrinkles.

The new year is similar…you never know what to expect, but there’s always something marvelous waiting for you if you only take the time to look and keep your eyes open.

As these pictures were being taken, some folks came up and asked if I had dyed the sea shells.  I said that I had found them on the beach.  They were flabbergasted, because when you just scan the beach, you don’t see the colorful ones…you have to look for them, but if you really look, you will find them.  Just like in life, sometimes you have to look harder, further, deeper to find what you are looking for.  It’s there all the time, you just have to really look.

A friend of mine was astonishingly good at finding four-leaf clovers.  I asked him what his secret was, and he said that it was very simple…he expected to find them!  So this year, I’m going to look for the marvelous, and expect to find it.




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    juleee — Tuesday, January 10, 2012 @ 3:23 pm

    Fabulous post Suzie! Such great thoughts with such a wonderful way of writing about it, ” . . . .that line up like chorus girls vying for attention . . . ” love it!

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    Theresa Jones — Wednesday, January 11, 2012 @ 6:21 pm

    Sue, Happy New Year! That was beautifully written. I shall keep it in my thoughts for the coming year. Theresa

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