Irish History on my Table

I’ve laid out my family’s history…it’s all right there on the dining room table waiting for Kevin Grace,  the author/archivist/historian, of Irish Cincinnati to arrive.   Will he be as amazed at these people that forged their future in this country as I am?  I’m humbled that they came so far with so little.

I feel lucky that I’m so sentimental…I’ve kept all of the pictures and papers, bibles and deeds…I’ve kept it all.  But, I had to put it in order…we were not a family of album keepers.  It was in boxes that have endured the ravages of time and some things look a bit worse for wear.  But all that was given to me for safe keeping is there, telling their story…maybe it is your story too.  Immigrants coming to this country to escape hardship in their native land.  The story of America, right?



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