Luck of the Irish

Our Irish Rose

A little Leprechaun skipped into my inbox this week bringing with him a special pot o’ gold.  What…you don’t believe in such things?

Really, there in my inbox was a note asking if I would give permission for a few of my heirloom photographs to be used in a new book about the Irish in Cincinnati, my hometown.

The author found me through a recent blog post about my mother growing up in an area of Cincinnati called O’Bryonville (which was mostly an Irish community at that time).  Interestingly, it was a post that I really felt compelled to write that led him to me.  Life really does work in mysterious ways!

I’m going to be writing down some of my family stories for him as background for the pictures.  I don’t know what he will use, but I know that it will be fun remembering these stories.  I thought it also would be fun sharing some of them with you as well.   I’m looking forward to telling you a bit of our Irish history and giving you some updated recipes from my mother’s kitchen.

I can’t tell you how proud she would be that our family will be a part of the story of the Irish in America.


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