Bloggers without Borders auction to benefit #afundforjennie

This is a very special post to honor a very special person, Jennifer Perillo. You may remember my previous post, In Honor of Mikey, and that Jennie lost her husband Mikey, unexpectedly from a heart attack a few weeks ago.

This tragedy touched my emotions is a very deep way.  That is why I so wanted to help with this fund raising effort to help her.  My blog is about having dinner with your family and friends.  Jennie knows just how important this is…I’d like to quote Jennie, from an article that she wrote for the Food Network, just days after Mikey’s passing.

“As I try to learn a new kind of normal, there will be one constant to keep me going: food. The simple act of slicing some peaches two days after Mikey died gave me a sense of control when my world was lacking it. This is what food and cooking has the power to do.

This is why family dinners are important, and should be something we all strive to make part of our regular routines. It doesn’t require an elaborate or time-intensive meal. All it means is real food, made with real ingredients. Choose a recipe that fits your time frame. Pull out the crock pot if that’s your thing. Make a pot of soup as the nights inevitably grow colder, and you’ll have dinner for at least two meals the coming week. Instead of looking at dinnertime as yet another chore, seize it for the gift it really is — a time to come together as a family and talk about your day, say grace or clink glasses and cherish the moment with each bite.”

I have joined the organization, Bloggers without Borders, that has started a fund raising campaign to help Jennie in her time of need.  You see, she only has health insurance through December and then it will be more than her mortgage and she may have to buy out the mortgage, because it was in Mikey’s name.   She also needs help with many bills that are now hers alone to pay, and she recently found out the she is not eligible for Social Security benefits.  Scary stuff…some of you may have been in a similar situation, and know just what this fund will mean to Jennie and her two young girls.

The blogging community is a group of folks with very big hearts…if you would like to read more about Bloggers without Borders, started by Maggy Keet of Three Many Cooks and Erika Pineda-Ghanny of Ivory Hut, please visit the beautiful new website designed by Irvin of Eat the Love. The #fundforjennie project was started by Jennie’s great friend, Shauna James Ahern of Gluten Free Girl.

I would like to offer for this special auction (2) signed, fine art prints, “Vase of Roses” and “The Window” by my husband, photographer, Jeff Kauck.   They are sepia toned, ink jet prints that measure 13″ x 19″.  The opening bid is $100. for both.  The auction will end Monday night at midnight. If you would like to help Jennie, please bid on these prints in the comment section below.  100% of the proceeds will go directly to Jennie.

When my new blog design is up and running,  there will be a button to donate any amount you might like to give directly to Bloggers without Borders to benefit #afundforjenny through your PayPal account. Till then, if you need something beautiful to hang on your wall, please bid on these prints to help Jennie.

Thank you!!!


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    Paula Crawford — Thursday, September 1, 2011 @ 2:37 am

    I don’t see any bids…so I begin bidding at 125.00 These are lovely prints but the gesture is even lovelier.

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